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Lebanese Street Food That You Want Right Now

Street vendors are the best opportunity to taste the delicious flavor of Lebanon. The food at these stands is a staple of our tradition for thousands of millennia. It’s no wonder that people enjoy eating here during summertime where everything seems fresh-from flowers sold nearby to vendors selling their wares everywhere and even sitting near an open flame pit sharing stories under starry skies there really isn’t anything better than tasting what local cooks are able to provide you with.

Shish Kebabs

Traditional Lebanese shish kebab recipe made from lamb marinated in a mixture of salt, garlic, pepper, and your choice of spices. It’s then grilled to perfection, with vegetables like mushrooms onions, capsicums as well as cherry tomatoes. These meals can be taken with you and can be enjoyed anywhere and even while in the car.


Shawarma sandwiches are delicious in flavor. It is made from thinly cut pieces of marinated meat that is slow-roasted on a skewer with a vertical design for several hours. It is served perfectly with your choice lamb or chicken sauces, as well as lettuce tomato onion pickles as well as tahini sauce.

The best thing is that these are sandwiches? They can be purchased anywhere, regardless of whether there is no “ifice” outside the doors. This type of pita-based cuisine is extremely popular around the globe, especially in Arab countries like Lebanon. It originated back in the past when farmers sold their produce at markets instead of farming.


Falafel wraps are sure to become your new favorite snack, no matter if you’re a vegetarian or vegan, or simply an avid eater of delicious food. The chickpea-fried balls are made of chickpeas mixed with spices including coriander and cumin along with garlic chili powder. They’re then cut into small conesprior to wrapping them in pita. If it’s lunch time, breakfast dinner any other occasion this dish has something unique planned.


Kebbeh is Lebanon’s national dish and has been enjoyed for thousands of years. It is made with the burghul variety made of cracked wheat, diced onion and ground meat often lamb. However, it may also contain other types of meat like chicken or beef. The ingredients are combined well and fried until golden brown.


Kheer bandooki is a wish to be realized for all meat lovers. The street food is made from ground meat, chicken, and beef. It’s seasoned to perfection and then shaped into cigar-shaped cylinders. After cooking over an open flame, it’s grilled on skewers. It’s possible to enjoy your ‘kafta’ straight off the skewers or put it into pita with any salad ingredients you want, whatever they have left after all those pickles with dill.

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