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New Website Design Trends That Can Help Your Business

Mobile First

The majority of income now come via mobile devices, developers and designers are developing more websites using an approach that is mobile-first. To ensure a good UX for these smaller screens, it is important for developers/designers who work in the field of web design or development to have previous experience creating them since they will be crucial in the creation of an app-based website that requires special care due to its limited space; this will require fast loading times, as many people go straight onto their smartphones to check email during lunchtime.

More Oblique/Organic Shapes

May flowers are awaited by April showers. This is the reason we are seeing rounded corners and more vibrant colors on websites. Backgrounds have evolved from using 90deg angles for design elements like avatars on profiles or form input. Today, you can utilize unique angles to keep users engaged. Your website should keep up with the latest trends to foster trust between you and potential clients. This will encourage customers to buy from you, but also to recommend your services and increase sales exponentially.

More Animations and Interactions

Animated websites are becoming more popular as time goes on thanks to advancements in web technologies , like jQuery. These scripts can turn your site into a place to read printed text, but additionally allow interaction between user and page elements. This is an enormous improvement over the limitations of what you could accomplish before images were uploaded on the internet.

Websites are increasingly interactive. You can make your website more engaging by using page transitions, sliding information panels, or even simple animations. This is a fantastic way to bring life to your site without having to resort to the ugly 1990s-style. These techniques increase interactivity and increase visitors to activities that generate revenue, that can lead to a higher per-visit value (RPV).


The use of the HTML 5 video tag is becoming increasingly popular with companies looking to maintain their website traffic and not transfer them to other sites. With more platforms available for video hosting (including streaming) companies are able to manage this more effectively than ever before. Utilizing these tags permits companies’ videos to seamlessly integrate with their site , and it also offers them a wider selection of players.

Video Backgrounds

With the growing popularity of videos as backgrounds, you can leverage these backgrounds to your advantage. This will boost customer engagement. They help boost conversion rates by offering greater details on what a company offers in a smaller amount of area than traditional images provide, and also make videos accessible to customers who may not be able to read text all day long.

Video backgrounds can be an effective method to boost branding and the amount of people returning. They can be used to promote general goals and certain types of marketing, for instance eCommerce content strategies and marketing via video. This can allow you to increase your site’s time to market and increase customer engagement.

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