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Yemen is currently in the midst of a humanitarian crisis. The world’s worst cholera outbreak has killed thousands and left many more sick, while hunger strikes continue throughout the country as the people peacefully protest their oppression by government forces who are also accused of unrestrained bombing campaigns against rebel-held zones with no respect for civilian lives or infrastructure targets.

Yemen is home to 16 million constantly hungry. The health system in Yemen is broken due to seven years of war. Without any other options except at home living or dead COVID19 patients are starving away because medical professionals aren’t able to access their communities anymore; Too engaged in fighting each other rather than trying to save lives.

The deteriorating conditions in the country has created the perfect environment to facilitate the sexual transmission of HIV. 4 million people are living in poverty, without a homes to call their own. Food prices continue rising and wages are still low. That means not enough funds can be spent on essential necessities like access to clean water and medical care. This is the reason why tackling this disease will be almost impossible without aid from outside; however, we must be quick to act before it’s too for too late.

The Yemenite people have been fighting against the spread of Cholera for quite a while and are not completely safe but. With international aid like World Vision UK and Save The Children US as well as COVID -19 in place and in place, it is possible that there might be something to look forward to in the near future.

How Welfare Trusts can be used to aid Yemenis

The welfare trusts offer food and water to millions of people in times of immense suffering. They also distribute COVID-19 hygiene kits to prevent the spread of the deadly virus that has already claimed many lives in Yemen.

In recent years, welfare trusts have been tirelessly working in Yemen to help those that are the most vulnerable. They are able to provide humanitarian assistance when the situation is dire like when they’re unable to arrive at their destination due to conflicts. This is one reason why these international organizations are crucial.

It’s a challenging time for many, and we are grateful that there’s help for those who need it. Working with local partner organisations and dispensing food items as well as cash to help people purchase essential goods while helping to boost the economy could lead them out of hunger or at least closer than they were before.

Many generous donors have offered their time and money to offer women in Yemen the chance to have a fresh start in their life. The hospitals for pregnant women are aided by charitable donations. This makes sure that all women can give birth to their babies without any health concerns or dehydration. Rehabilitation facilities also offer post-birth care, including medication should it be required.

In response to COVID-19, numerous welfare trusts are offering hygiene kits to families living in makeshift camps, and are supplying safe water so that it can be utilized by public facilities such as schools or hospitals.

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