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It is how long it takes for your system and other devices to respond after you complete actions like clicking the link. A majority of people won’t experience any difference in Spotify streaming or listening However, gamers could experience issues with the latency. Satellite internet is able to provide more precise connection than wired ones. This means that you can experience slower performance from games due to the high loss rates.

Latency refers to the time delay between the input (in this case an anchor) and the time it’s given to other. The issue of latency can be present when playing online video games or playing YouTube videos. It can impact the speed of response as things might not be as accurate as they ought to be.

What is the cause of latency?

Gamers and End-users can experience delays in their games and end-users can experience. It can be affected by factors such as distance between you (and the server) as well as any other intermediate factors like Wi-Fi speed or the type of internet connection. It also depends upon which router/modem combo someone has – there’s plenty out these days! Do not be worried if the process seems complicated at first.


It is the time that it takes information to move from one point within space. In this instance, we’re talking about how far your system is from the server(s) provide the information requested by the machine so if that’s not sufficiently distant, then there’ll rise in latency.

Propagation Delay

Propagation delay, which is the primary factor in determining the amount of latency you experience when browsing with your laptop or desktop, is important. This affects all other metrics related to bandwidth and connection speed such as download speeds (which rely on receiving data packets back from the place they were originally sent), uploads which rely on the presence of a network card. The same goes for wirelessly connecting.

Internet Connection Type

There is a huge difference in the latency between the different kinds of internet connections. Cable and DSL both have lower latency, while fiber has the highest average. Satellites tend to be slower because of its structure which needs more space for transmission. This leads to long wait times, as well as a higher capacity for buffering on websites which you must access, such as audio videos or files.

What’s On A Website

Have you ever clicked one of those links only to wait several minutes before it loaded? That was because they were trying to make their Angelfire page look good. The page was full of The Office memes, so every time you go to it, it takes longer than normal.

Your browser has to download large files, such as videos or HD images, whenever you visit a website. In the event that they’re stored on a server that is far away from where you’re browsing currently, there could be some delays due to the distance.

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