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Why Do Businesses Use Windows Server?

Microsoft has developed a new server solution designed for small-sized businesses with only a few IT requirements. The program, dubbed “Windows Server Essentials 2012 R2,” is designed to help these types of businesses reduce time and costs by providing them centralized device management tools that are accessible from any place via a Web browser or mobile app without having an expensive data lake available like other solutions do.

Microsoft Server Essentials is an ideal choice for small-scale companies that have less than 25 employees. It is easy-to-use and manage, doesn’t have unnecessary features that can cause slowdowns to your infrastructure (like Enterprise tools) It is also available at a a lower cost which means you don’t need to purchase a new tool when running an e-commerce business that is small.

Here’s a closer view of Windows Server Essentials, and how you can use it to improve your business.

1. What is Windows Server Essentials?

Microsoft’s newest product is Windows Server Essentials. It targets small-sized business clients. It is designed with an intuitive interface, this solution shows their dedication to that sector of our economy by making products easy for users who do not have any IT experience or knowledge about the way computers function within.

2. Simple Setup

Microsoft Windows Server Essentials simplifies the procedure of setting up. The setup guide walks the users through a series of steps, and gives specific explanations to help users to understand every step.

3. Easy Management

It’s simple for non-IT personnel like me, to manage the servers within our organization with Microsoft Windows Server Essentials. The dashboard is clean and well organized, making it easy for me to monitor every server.

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How can you use Microsoft Server Essentials to your business?

Windows Server Essentials has a number of great features that are both easy to use, and extremely useful. They include:

1. Shared Folders

Windows Server Essentials can help you share files within shared directories. This is an important element of server technology.

2. Users and groups

Groups and users are the method you use to accomplish this. This permissions system allows employees within your company to share files between them, however only if they are granted permission by their department or administrator.

3. Integration with Hosted Services and Apps

Microsoft’s recent shift towards cloud computing has made it easier than ever before to host Office 365 and Windows Azure versions for companies of all sizes. This is accomplished through an easy to use dashboard that lets users select the services that they need, without any technical knowledge or expertise in the management of servers.

4. Storage

This feature is extremely simple and allows you to manage the storage of your server using a group of drives, instead of individual drives. This makes the process easier for Windows Server Essentials users, who wish to be able to access their data on all machines they use.

5. Remote Access

Remote access makes it simple to give employees remote access. This Windows Server Essentials package explains how to create a secure connection that your employees can access on any device, whether mobile or not.

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